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As a business owner, you have many complex tasks to coordinate on any given day. Inventory, staff and advertising are just some of the many headaches you could face on any given day. It’s not surprising that brochure design can take a backseat to the more urgent daily tasks involved in the running of your business!

But make no mistake, a compelling brochure design with pay for itself in increased business!

Once you have realized the need for a powerful brochure that highlights some aspect of your business, you are probably wondering how hard it is to do the brochure design yourself. Your fledgling business might not be able to afford top designers or agencies to work on a simple brochure design for you. The cheapest solution would be to do it yourself, but how difficult is that really?

Do it yourself or not, there are some basic decisions that you will need to make. Once you have decided on these aspects, even if you choose to hire professional brochue designers you will have a great starting point. Read on for some tips on how to get started with your own brochure design!

1. Your overall budget for the project

While it is possible to make cheap brochures, the quality of the finished product depends greatly on the quality of the materials used. High quality paper, ink as well as professionally crafted content and beautiful graphics all makes for a brochure that is sure to be noticed, and read. But these bells and whistles don't come cheap. Depending on what kind of numbers you are talking about, high quality brochure production could end up costing you and your company thousands of dollars! By taking care of the brochure design yourself, you could save thousands of dollars!

2. Content is King

This saying does not only apply to internet content, when it comes to brochures, it's the actual content on the page that does the selling. Of course, with brochures your space for flowery prose is grossly limited. So how do you approach this task without coming across as a novice? The universally recognized saying "Keep It Simple Stupid" is perhaps the best way to approach this task. We can't all be top-notch copywriters with the ability to coin slogans like "Just Do It", but we are all capable of a concise summary of our businesses most impressive features. Use the content to persuade readers to take action and use your product or service. Or better yet, if you have a copywriter as part of your staff makes good use of him or her!


There is a lot of debate about the best kind of graphic elements to include in brochure design. Some research has shown that photographs are the most persuasive form of advertising, while others claim that professional logos and informative graphics can work just as well. Whatever your thoughts, there is no doubt that the visual component of your brochure design plays an important role in the success of your final brochure design! When it comes to graphics, it can be very helpful to see what kinds of graphics other brochures are using. You can piggyback some great and creative ideas, for a fraction of the cost! Get into the habit picking up brochures throughout the course of your day and have a look at what they are using.

4. The finishing design touches:

Once you have crafted your content, and decided on your approach to the graphics, the fun can really begin! You have all the elements in front of you to create a really rocking brochure design. With some experimentation, you will soon get a good idea of what kinds of designs work and which ones don't! Pay careful attention to your use of white space, it's important to give the eye a break from all the visual stimulation. Also, try to create an easy entry point into the brochure, by the addition of stand out headlines and titles. Experiment with fonts, colors and any other visual elements on your brochure design until you are satisfied.

5. The printing process

The final stage in the brochure design production is to take your artwork to the printers. While this may be nerve wracking, if you have followed the steps above carefully you should be excited to see what the finished brochure design looks like! Some tips to ensure that you receive what you expect from the printers include, allowing space for the "print to bleed" by designing your brochure close to the margins. Also, be sure to discuss with the printer the various options and their advantages. You can generally choose between matt, glossy and silky finishes with a variety of resolutions to choose from as well. The higher the quality, the higher the price… But you have already saved a fortune on the brochure design!

6. Distribution

There are many ways to distribute your gorgeous brochures! Try to be creative and enjoy the feeling that your brochure will be read and (hopefully) enjoyed by many people. The most obvious way to distribute your brochure is to hand it out freely to anyone you think might be interested in your business and what you have to offer. Of course, there are no limits when it comes to brochure distribution. Whatever innovative ways you can come up with to make people sit up and take notice of your brochure are a great way to increase potential business! You can even save a digital copy of your brochure and add it to your website to keep reaping the benefits and give your clients added value!

If you break down the task of brochure design into these six manageable steps, you can see that it’s not the impossible task that brochure design agencies would have you believe. With some careful research, planning and some creativity, you can create a brochure design that is out of this world!

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